Lighting for
Event Staging & Meetings

Lighting Creates the Perfect Tone to Communicate Messages Effectively

Lighting design is the dynamic element that pulls it all together to dress the set, project the tone and transports the audience to a different world. Whether the venue is large or small, Cue2Cue’s creative lighting design team can deliver an atmosphere that allows presenters to shine and the audience to be more receptive to your messages.

Out with the Old and in with the New!

That’s our approach to lighting inventory.

By putting conventional fixtures, dimmers, heavy cable and analog consoles out to pasture, and introducing a whole new inventory based on revolutionary LED technology, Cue2Cue builds custom lighting solutions with faster set-up, lower power consumption, amazing ease-of-use and more flexibility than ever before.


The talented lighting design team at Cue2Cue works closely with show producers and creative directors to build custom lighting solutions specifically tailored for the staging needs and budget of each client. Lighting solutions include the very latest inventory of equipment from brands such as Martin, Varilite, Hi-End and ETC.

Let’s talk about how we can tailor a lighting design that will make your event shine.

Lighting Makes the Event!Show!Meeting!



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