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We could talk all day about the latest equipment and the newest technology. But at the end of the day, the thing that separates a good staging company from a great one is it’s people. At Cue2Cue, we take great pride in building amazing crews with the most talented technicians in the world. We build teams you can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting the right skill set and the right personality for your event. With Cue2Cue, you never get the next “staff guy” that is available to do your event. You get the right tech guy you trust with your show.


Cue2Cue is an industry-leading meeting and event staging company offering the largest range of cutting-edge AV service on a national basis. We work our hardest to exceed your expectations by turning every event into an extraordinary experience both for you and your audience. This approach has rewarded Cue2Cue with loyal clients who become an influential source of referrals.


Cue2Cue is privately-owned and operated. This means clients have direct access to the management team at any time. This uncomplicated, flat corporate structure enables Cue2Cue to make immediate decisions on-site and to be the cost-effective leader for staging corporate meetings and events across the country.


From initial planning to final applause to tear-down, Cue2Cue understands that corporate meetings and events can be a daunting task with literally thousands of details. Our attention to detail and technical knowledge is absolutely critical to smoothly executing your vision every step of the way.


We have the best people in the AV business who are passionate about creating memorable moments. We invest in hiring only the brightest who understand what it takes to deliver for clients every time.


Cue2Cue delivers true customer value by elevating the quality of live events and connecting with the audience emotionally. Utilizing the latest audio, video and lighting technologies, plus webcasting and streaming capabilities, you can trust the AV experts at Cue2Cue to create unforgettable experiences in an atmosphere that communicates ideas, engages people’s minds and motivates the audience.


“DJ and Tony are the most amazing production partners. We have very particular needs on a regular basis and the Cue2Cue team is always open and accommodating. They know their business and are definite experts in their field. It is a pleasure working with this team for multiple events throughout the years.”

“I can’t get out to as many shows as I used to… but I’m always comforted knowing that Cue2Cue will be there looking out for the best interest of the show, and our clients.”

“I like working with people that I trust, who have standards equal to or higher than my own. I trust Cue2cue, and I like them. Quality gear, great people.”

“Having worked with Cue2Cue on various projects, their team and their product are a pleasure to work with. It really does take the stress out of projects when you have such a professional and thorough team. Thanks to Anthony and everyone at Cue2Cue for our valued partnership.”

"I have been working with DJ and Tony for many years, and they are absolutely amazing to work with.  They really know their stuff and when they are on my show, I know that I'm going to get the best gear and be working with a team of utmost professionals.  Thank you Cue2Cue for making me and the firm look good, always!”

“Cue2Cue is an amazing partner that understand our corporate culture which is instrumental in executing our events.”

“There’s great gear and there’s great guys… and when you find them both in the same organization…. you keep them on speed dial!”

“I never feel like they’re pushing gear… they want the same thing I want… whatever is best for the show.”

“Cue2Cue has been our go-to ‘A-Team’ for all of our top tier clients. (I’ve even brought them overseas!). Whether it’s a 100’ widescreen or a dozen breakout rooms, every part of every show is important to us and to Cue2Cue.”


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